Getting Started

Getting Started

Two Main Use Cases

As you know, AskYourDatabase is a tool that allows you to query your database using natural language. Currently, we have two main use cases for AskYourDatabase:

Customer-facing BI Chatbot

If you need to provide a BI dashboard for your customers, their needs vary, making it hard to create a dashboard that fits all customers' needs.

Continuously adding features to a BI dashboard will make it more complex and harder to use, and your engineers will become busier.

With AskYourDatabase Chatbot, you can provide a chatbot to your customers enabling them to ask for ad-hoc queries, freeing your engineers and providing a better user experience.

For how to create a chatbot, please refer to this doc.

Internal Tools

You must need an admin dashboard to manage or monitor your business, and you may use tools like PowerBI or Retool to build the app and consume it.

But with AskYourDatabase, you typically don't have to build any internal tools. You just have to connect to your database, and you are ready to go for various tasks including:

  1. Business intelligence
  2. Inserting data
  3. Updating data
  4. Reporting
  5. Data analysis

For how to connect to your database, please refer to this doc. You can also view videos created by community members, like this one (opens in a new tab).

Learn more

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